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Posted by: Boys r us Nov 5 2006, 09:13 AM
My induction was started promtly at 7:35am on Thursday November 2nd.

They blew 5 veins trying to get my IV started, both of my arms are black and blue from my wrist up to my elbow. STILL 4 days later.
But once the iv was started, everything was pretty smooth sailing from there. I was checked upon arrival and told I was 60% effaced and between 1 and 2cm.
They progressively bumped up the pitocin 2 notches every 15 minutes, I was feeling contractions but nothing I couldn't talk through or handle. Then around 11ish my dr checked me and I was STILL at 2cm, so he decided to break my water. That was probably one of the most painful experiences I've had. Something about the way my cervix was sitting and because it was still not very dilated, it was hard to get the "hook" through my cervix to be able to break my water. I was in MEGA pain and my doctor just kept saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Nichole...I'm so sorry! My poor DH looked like he was going to pass out from seeing me in so much pain. Once he got past my cervix, he had a really hard time getting the bag of water to break and once he did, her head immedietely came down hard on my cervix and only a minimal amount of water came out, but enough to see that it was clear and okay, so no micconium in it. So the contractions started getting overwhelming at this point ASAP from getting my water broke. But I was determined not to get any narcotics, I did want an epi, but I don't respond well to narcotic pain killers, they make me very nausiated and also I didn't want Allie to be groggy when she was born. I was defintiely getting ready for an epi though!!!
Around 1, I asked for an epi and they said okay but then told me the anesthesiologist(sp?) had just gone into a c-section and it would be awhile before he was out. GREAT!!!!! I was in so much pain all I wanted to do was rip someone's head off..luckily I refrained! The contractions were getting the best of me, for a few hours now they'd been coming 1 on top of the other, no break in between then to speak of. I was positive I couldn't take it another minute and around 2:30 MY HERO showed up to give me an epidural. It hurt, but I didn't care...I just hugged that pillow that they put in my lap to bend over while rick sat in a stool between my legs on the side of the bed and held me. Rick was so sweet, he really tried his hardest to help me through everything and keep my chin up!
so I am thinking I am HOME free at this point, I mean..WHO CAN'T deal with 2 or 3 more contractions knowing that the pain was GOING to end very soon!
So...10 contractions later, the pain in my stomach was gone but I could feel EVERYTHING "DOWN THERE". I kept saying,"it's not working, it's not working" and they kept telling me to give it a chance to work..I explained that it was working EVERYWHERE..I couldn't feel the pain in my stomach, I couldn't feel my legs...but it's like the pain was just SO INTENSE in the birth canal area that the epi just had no effect on it. I don't mind telling you, the pain was unbelievable, but the thought of delivering and feeling everything was even more terrifying to me than the pain I was already in. So the guy formerly known as "my hero" came back in and dumped some narcotic down in my epi and told me it wouldn't make the pain go away but it would make me not care...THANKS!! Well, it helped a tiny bit..but not a lot, I think I was in so much pain that it just didn't have that much of an effect on me. The nurses kept saying her head was REALLY low causing the intense pressure and pain I was getting down there. So I'm still trucking through the contractions, the pitocin was at level 22 and the contractions were in fact still kicking my butt which completely sucked considering I'd just gone through the epidural. Although in hind sight, I'm still VERY glad I got it b/c it did take a lot of the pain away as far as the contraction pain above the groin which had also been quite intense. Anyhow, they checked me and I was at 3cm...YES you heard me correct THREE CM! HOW COULD THIS BE???? They told me it's because of the scar tissue from the cervical treatments/procedures I've had in the past. Finally though I was able to relax a little..I just learned to surrender my body to each contraction and go with it instead of fighting the pain. I tuned everyone and everything out. Around 3:30 I told Rick...GET THE NURSE NOW! and he was like,"Why?" and I told him that I was pretty sure she was coming, NOW! So of course the nurses didn't believe me...but they came in and checked me and they found me at a full 10cm and ready to push. They got the doctor and he was in disbelief, but quickly realized they were right once he got in there and checked me.
They got everything set up in a hurry and I started pushing...OMG it hurt so badly..but it felt so good to know I was so close to meeting my sweet girl and getting this pain over with. I pushed with all of my might for about 10 contractions and she was born..and then we became a family of 5!

speaking of the 5th..she's crying now! So off I go!

Posted by: moped Nov 5 2006, 09:18 AM
WOW - great story.......what an exciting day. She is perfect and your family of 5 is now perfect!

Posted by: ~Roo'sMama~ Nov 5 2006, 09:23 AM
That sounds frustrating Nichole! I'm sorry the epi didn't work like you wanted it to. hug.gif That's how mine was too - it took away the pain of the contractions but it didn't help with the pain "down there" at all. Sorry about your arms too - ouch! blink.gif I can't believe how fast it went after you figured out how to relax - amazing! thumb.gif Congratulations again I'm so thrilled for you! hug.gif wub.gif

Posted by: MyLuvBugs Nov 5 2006, 09:29 AM
That's wonderful Nichole! hug.gif I'm so sorry your epi wasnt' the greatest. It sounds just like the one one I had with Lorelei rolleyes.gif And isn't it amazing that once you stop fighting the pain how quickly labor goes. smile.gif I'm so happy for you all. hug.gif

Posted by: ediep Nov 5 2006, 03:52 PM

Thanks so much for sharing that Nichole. I am so glad to know that if I don't fight it , the labor will go faster....I'lld efinately have to try that

Sorry about your arms and the epi though

Posted by: amynicole21 Nov 5 2006, 04:12 PM
wub.gif wub.gif So glad she's here! wub.gif

Posted by: gr33n3y3z Nov 5 2006, 05:13 PM
Oh Nichole how sweet
You have the perfect family
hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

Posted by: boyohboyohboy Nov 5 2006, 05:14 PM
i am so glad you have your beautiful little girl home.. desite all the troubles...

Posted by: jcc64 Nov 5 2006, 06:49 PM
Wow, I go off on a little business trip for a few days, and look what I miss!!!!!!
A big fat congratulations to you, Rick, and the boys on your blessed little princess.
Welcome to the land of pink......

Posted by: CantWait Nov 5 2006, 07:36 PM
wub.gif wub.gif

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