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> Thrush, Need some info
Posted: Dec 31 2006, 10:35 AM
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Can someone explain the whole thrush thing to me, symptoms, signs, etc. I know it is a yeast infection, etc. but - I am only pumping, the breastfeeding thing just didn't fly...which I am ok with my whole objective was that he get breastmilk which he is and is doing fabulous - gained a pound and grew an inch at his two week appt....but I am concerned about thrush...can you get/give it while pumping only??? Any info or pointing me to where to find the info relative to pumping/thrush would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: Dec 31 2006, 02:57 PM
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For me I knew it was thrush when it felt like glass was comming ou t and not was awful and I felt like removing my nipples tp take the pain away. You can get thrush even if your pumping it is the moist enviroment that exists in your bra that is so appealing to the yeast that is always living all over your body. They feed off the sugars in the milk which is why yiu should change your nursing pads when they get wet and let your nipples air dry after you pump. Also if you do get thrush (which wont necessarilly happen) my first though was to use lanolin but is just more food for the yeast. Gerber makes a balm that is safe however.

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Posted: Jan 1 2007, 03:25 AM
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To say that I have a lot of experieance with this would be a vast understatement. growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif growl.gif
Basically if you look back at BF threads containing my name they ALL have to do with thrush.
I had problems with my Boy too, and I exclusively pumped with him as well.
Thrush will cause irregular white spots in the babys mouth, on the inside of the cheeks and lips and can cause a white coating on the tongue. As for me, I never had the glass feeling, my nips would just ITCH, (think yeash infection, only on the bbs) growl.gif Or my nips would hurt like the pain you get when you first start nursing, with shooting pain down my arm. Either of you can have symptoms with out the other one having symptoms.

HTH! hug.gif

Posted: Jan 3 2007, 06:07 PM
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I don't know if it is still maintained, but was a good resource for me. I had thrush and it was horrible...but I did not quit BF because of it! No way!

The best things to do to avoid it:

Regularly sanitize pump parts
Wipe your nipples with vinegar after pumping
Add a cup of vinegar to your wash loads
Never ever reuse towels after baths/showers
Never wear the same bra twice

There was false info out there that you had to cut out sugar to rid your body of thrush...but that is untrue.

If you took regular doses of acidophilus and ate yogurt then that would help too.

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Posted: Jan 21 2007, 04:45 PM
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We still have thrush and i am exclusively pumping. My nips itch, and i get the shooting pains too. Let down, now that is the WORST pain!!! growl.gif My breasts sting and burn intensely because of the yeast inf. My Dr, gave me 2 doses of diflucan and it didnt even touch it. I keep my nips dry, and was also told to try monistat on my nips, but i havent yet because i am afraid of what it might do if ingested by Braelynn. She has thrush, and is on Nystatin (sp?) her Ped told me to use that on my nips too. Onn other thing, the yeast will be visible if you have it. i have to clean up before and after i pump so it doesnt somehow find its way into her mouth...
Good luck, i hope you dont get this, it sucks! sad.gif


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Posted: Jan 24 2007, 09:37 AM
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I don't remember too much the symptoms anymore. It's been a long time. Both of my girls had thrush bad and I had a difficult time getting rid of it. I was breastfeeding and we kept passing it back and forth to each other.
Finally I found the only thing that worked for us was using Gentitian Violet. If you do get thrush, I suggest trying it because thrush is hard to get rid of. Google thrush and genitian violet and you will come up with good info.

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Posted: Nov 28 2009, 09:21 AM
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hi, my son had thrush also. I didn't want to take antibiotics while breastfeeding, afraid they would hurt him. Doc said it might not have been coming from me. It has to do with the bacteria as the other response said. I found a book that explained everything. I can't copy it here on this site too long. it's a good thing to have around for alternative cures for yeast infections. I found it online at I'm not trying to sell anything but it was a great help and I refer to it for my friends too.
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